Jul 4, 2010


Show your patriotic side! This bat is the first in my patriotic line of bats! So whether you support the troops, feel patriotic or want to celebrate for the 4th of July, here's your perfect present! These bats can be placed around your drink at your 4th of July party, that way no one will confuse drinks!

Instead of using the cardboard cup sleeves offered at local coffee shops, use the eco friendly and re-usable bat cup sleeve! I tested the bat cup sleeve with hot liquids and it effectivly protects your hands and insulates your drink. Hot or cold! There is a thin layer of polyfill inside the body of the bat to help protect your hands even more! The bat cup sleeves also features beautiful stitching on the wings to resemble a real bat wing! :)

Sold by batgirl93.etsy.com

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