Apr 19, 2010


The details in these latte art are impressive and outstanding from Flavours of Lakhoum.

Here is a review:
"Eclectic and endlessly captivating, this Moroccan-themed cafe offers a feast for the eyes in more ways than one, with jewel-bright brass lamps swinging from the ceiling and Moorish trinkets littering every surface. Fascinating as these aesthetic touches are, the real visual attraction is owner/barista Chris Phillip's coffee. Shunning simple leaf and heart shapes, Phillips carves intricate faces out of variations in the crema. Wielding the end of a spoon like a paintbrush, he creates transient artworks that are almost too engrossing to drink. Not merely known for their coffee however, Flavours of Lakhoum also offer a range of Middle Eastern-inspired salads, falafels and similar cafe fare."

Flavours of Lakhoum
175 Swan Street
Richmond VIC 3121
Melbourne, Australia
(03) 9425 9805

Photo by Paul Hagon

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